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2024 High School Tryout Information

UAA and AL Select Teams

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About Us



Pro One Basketball Club

Pro One Basketball Club was created with the mission of wanting to influence the culture of youth basketball in north and central Alabama in a positive way.  Comprised of coaches and staff who have played, coached and/or worked at every level of basketball, Pro One B.C. takes great pride in providing a product and environment that matches your tremendous commitment to your son and his development, not just as a basketball player, but as an individual.  All of our coaches are certified licensed with USA Basketball and their Youth Development program.

In a culture where everyone wants to be the best at an early age, be elite, or be whatever, we want our players and families to “BE DIFFERENT” and take great pride in blazing our own trail.  We want to teach and develop our players and not have wins, losses, trophies, rankings or social media posts define them before they transition into their high school years and beyond.

your best basketball, your best life.  pro one.

    What does "Be Different" mean?

    Be Different is a state of mind and something that each of us define on our own, not being told what that means.  How can you Be Different than others?   How can you make a difference in the lives of others?  

    The visibility and growth of the program has continued to increase and we have seen incredible demand from families wanting to be “Be Different” and a part of the Pro One family.  Our challenge moving forward is to continue to meet this demand and provide as many opportunities we can for the players, families, and coaches who want to be in the Pro One culture and give them all the best experience possible using the game of basketball to teach life skills and help prepare them both on and off the court.  

    Enjoy the journey, follow your own path, and make a difference on the way in lives of our players so that they can go do that in others.  

    your best basketball, your best life. pro one


    Thank you to all of our Pro One Partners and Sponsors!